Gear Review Policy

It was a post on an Italian mountaineering forum, of all places, that convinced me that I should say a bit about my approach to the gear reviews I do on this site.  The forum post, which included a link to one of my reviews as well as that of another site, noted how difficult it can be to determine if a blog is independent or simply a mouthpiece for one or more gear manufacturers.  On this blog, it’s the former.

If the gear reviews on this site in general seem (overwhelmingly?) positive, there is a good reason for that.  I am focusing on items I’ve used and tested over an extended period (for Long-term Reviews) or for which I at least have high hopes (for First Impressions).  In principle, I review gear I like because it’s the gear I find myself using repeatedly.  All items are owned by me or have been used on loan in, say, a climbing seminar.  If I like a piece, I’ll say so, and if I don’t, I’ll make that clear, as well.  That’s my promise, regardless of the item’s provenance.  If a manufacturer or seller provides an item for review, I will make the arrangement clear in the review.

I have an affiliate relationship with a number of high-quality outdoor gear manufacturers and sellers.  As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Reviews can by found by clicking the “Gear Reviews” tab in the website’s menu.